New in the permanent Exhibition

Customs Experience

Come and experience this spectaculiar new part in the permanent exhibition. The museum offers a themed, interactive journey of discovery through the history of Dutch taxes and the world of Customs.

"Sealed-400 years revenue stamps"

In this online exhibition there are many revenu stamps to admire. We are going 400 years back in time and take you through the history of this Dutch invention. The exhibition also pays attention to themes such as “Embossed Tax Stamps and Seals and in Art” and “The Tax Stamp Artists.

Temporary in our Museum

In 2023, the painting 'Veemarkt' by Cornelis Saftleven (1659) is on display in the Tax & Customs Museum. This unique 17th-century work shows a scene in Rotterdam painted by a Rotterdam artist. The painting is on loan from Museum Rotterdam.

About the museum

The Tax & Customs Museum was founded in 1937 to teach students of the National Tax Academy about the history of taxes. Through its collection, exhibitions, educational programmes and activities for visitors, the museum offers today a cultural-history adventure for young and old alike.


Explore the museum’s special collection of paintings, silverworks, official dress and uniforms, objects used by smugglers, measuring and weighing instruments, prints, drawings, photos and unique documents.

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Visit the museum for a surprisingly enjoyable and informative experience. Be fascinated by intriguing stories and objects that illustrate the history of tax and customs in the Netherlands.