A jewel from the depot: 425 years of Customs in action

All year, the focus at the museum has been on the 425th anniversary of Customs. In that context, the painting View of the Port of Dordrecht is now on display in the museum. The artist Dirk Kuipers painted this impressive canvas around 1760.

Wine gauging

The painting was carefully restored recently and shows activities on the quay in Dordrecht. At the center of the painting, an official of the Convoy Tax & Licence Fees agency, the forerunner of Customs, is taking a sample from a barrel. It was necessary to measure the alcohol percentage and the volume of the contents of the barrels to determine import and excise duty. Bottling is depicted in the painting, so we know wine is involved here. In addition to bottling and wine gauging, several other scenes are shown on the wall-sized canvas.

The Customs 425 Experience

The painting will remain in the permanent exhibition. At the end of 2022, the museum’s new Customs experience will open in the same space. This audiovisual tour will take visitors on a surprising journey through the 425-year-long history of Customs.