Mission & Organisation


The Tax & Customs Museum is a contemporary museum based on a theme of historic and social importance. Through its collection, exhibitions, educational programmes and activities for visitors, the museum offers a cultural-history adventure for young and old alike.


The museum was founded in 1937 under the name Stichting Belastingmuseum prof.dr. Van der Poel (Prof. Van der Poel Tax Museum Foundation). Its namesake, Johannes van der Poel, was Director of Import & Excise Duties. He built up a fiscal-historical collection to use as visual aids in classes at the Tax Academy.

Today, Van der Poel’s original collection still forms the basis of our museum’s exhibits. His collection is a source of exciting stories and it provides fascinating insights into taxes. The museum has grown into a museum for everyone. Visitors can discover the value of the Netherlands in a themed, interactive display.


The museum wants to give people insight into the how and why of paying taxes, one of the major pillars of our society. We do this by using history and our cultural-historical collection to bring taxes to life. The museum sheds light on taxes from different perspectives so that visitors can form a concrete picture of the importance and value of taxes. For centuries, by paying taxes we have ensured that our society remains viable.


The Tax & Customs Museum is a foundation under Dutch law. We work with many volunteers as well as contracted museum teachers and tour guides, alongside our permanent museum team. This team is composed of the director, the Collection team, Education team, Communication team and Business Operations team.

The Stichting Belastingmuseum prof.dr. Van der Poel is a designated public benefit organisation (PBO).