Leiden University

Leiden University was (and still is) a long-standing partner of Stichting Belastingmuseum prof.dr. Van der Poel. This led to the endowment of a chair affiliated with the museum and occupied by a professor from Leiden University. This professor researches subjects related to the fiscal history of the Netherlands. Dr. ir. Rex Arendsen was appointed Endowed Professor of Societal and Historical Context of Tax Law as of 1 June 2015. His research involves the tax system of the former Dutch East Indies. Earlier, the endowed chair was held by Prof. Ferdinand Grapperhaus (until 1995) and by Prof. Onno Ydema (from 1995 to 2013).

The professor answers to an advisory board which consists of the following members:

  • Prof. J.P. Boer (Professor of Tax Law and Head of the Tax Law department, Leiden University)
  • Prof. H. Vording (Professor of Tax Law, Leiden University)
  • Drs. E. Pluymen (curator of the Huis van de Europese Historie in Brussels and also a member of the board of the museum)
  • Dr. J.C.K.W. Bartel (former member of the Council of State and also a member of the board of the museum)

For more information you can e-mail the museum’s director drs. F.M. Fox at fox@bdmuseum.nl