Permanent exhibition

The museum offers a themed, interactive journey of discovery through the history of Dutch taxes and the world of customs – an adventure for young and old alike!

Relive bygone eras

Learn about the taxes of bygone eras and find out what taxes people had to pay: from medieval tolls and, for example, duties on salt and bread to the 18th century tax on folding fans and the pre-war tax on two-wheeled vehicles – with a bicycle tax plate as proof of payment. And the silver tax that was collected by the Assay Office and remained in effect until 1953.

Watch a play

Taxes are closely linked to the history of the Netherlands. Visit the Tenth Penny Theatre and discover what role taxes played in the Eighty Years’ War. A performance featuring William of Orange, the Sea Beggars and the Duke of Alva.

Investigate contraband

The museum reveals a world in which there is a great deal of smuggling going on. In the past, smuggling was about butter and tobacco but today’s smugglers go much further. The strangest contraband and smuggling stories bring the work of Customs to life.

Measure and weigh

Find out how goods that were subject to duty were measured and weighed, and how the duty was calculated. For example, customs officers used a special dipstick to measure the level of wine in barrels in order to determine the amount of duty to be paid.

View things differently

The museum provides a thought-provoking view of taxes and answers questions like: Why do we have to pay taxes? And, what happens if we don’t? Watch and listen to a pacifist who decided not to pay taxes used for military purposes. Or assess the U2 case: tax avoiders or evaders?

Find out where the money goes

Under the multimedia expenditure ceiling you can find out how your taxes are spent. The timeline illustrates expenditures across the centuries. And, every year after the state opening of parliament, you can find the latest Budget figures in the museum.