Indoor art route

Especially for art lovers

The museum’s collection spans from the seventeenth century to the present day. Take a tour of our tax-inspired artworks and be surprised. The art route takes you past ten works selected by the curators.

Armed with an explanatory folder, you start the route on the second floor of the museum with a work by Jan van Goyen: Toll House on the Merwede. Other works by famous hands include Isaac Israels’The Ashanti Dancers and a Rembrandt etching that depicts the Receiver-General Jan Uytenbogaert.

The Tax Collector’s Office, follower of Pieter Brueghel the Younger is new to the collection. And at the heart of the art route is the kinetic artwork Balance by Reuben Margolin which you can admire from every floor.

The following artworks are included in the route and are listed below in chronological order:

1. Anonymous, after Pieter Brueghel the Younger – The Tax Collector’s Office – circa 1630
2. Rembrandt – The Receiver-General, Jan Uytenbogaert or The Gold Weigher – 1639
3. Jan van Goyen – Toll House on the Merwede – 1645
4. Job Berckheyde – Brewery De Passer en De Valk on Bakenessergracht in Haarlem  – 1672-1682
5. Juriaen Pool – The Governors of the Amsterdam Guild of Gold-and Silversmiths – 1701
6. Isaac Israels – The Ashanti Dancers – circa 1900
7. Toon van den Muysenberg – Tax Assessment – 1935
8. Aad de Haas – Customs Dream – circa 1941
9. Herman Heijenbrock – Wine Gauging in the Amsterdam Warehouse – 1940 and – Measuring the wort content in the Amstel Brewery in Amsterdam – 1946
10. Reuben Margolin – Balance – 2012